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NYU女孩 AP课程全球素养的最佳诠释--贺成都树德光华国际课程中心高2017届优秀毕业生赵清琳

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  Preface: If you love her, send her to New York University, for it’s heaven! If you hate her, send her to New York University, for it’s hell!

  题记: 如果爱她,教她考进纽约大学,因为那是天堂!如果恨她,教她考进纽约大学,因为那是地狱!

  --班主任田华 Fielding


  May 12th, 2017 is a special day, which marks the 9thanniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake disaster, and is also 7days before the graduation ceremony of 2017 Shude Guanghua AP Centre. During the busy preparations in the morning, came to the teachers a message from Karoline, a long-yearning surprise for Shude Guanghua AP Centre : My dear teachers, I’ve received the admission offer from New York University.

  到此时,赵清琳已经手捧纽约大学(US NEWS全球大学排名27)、加利福尼亚大学圣塔芭芭拉分校(US NEWS全球大学排名24)和加利福尼亚大学圣地亚哥分校(US NEWS全球大学排名15)等几所世界一流学府录取通知,期盼踏上海外留学征程。

  Up till now, Karoline has got at least three offers from New York University(NYU, ranking36), University of California--Santa Barbara(ranking37),University of California at San Diego(ranking44)and other world top universities, expecting further study abroad.



  As graduate representative of the 2017 graduation ceremony, Karoline presented a sincere speech about herunforgettable experience at Shude Guanghua AP Centre. As she addressed the audience in her speech,“In Shude Guanghua AP Centre, we are always encouraged by someone in a way that is seemingly harsh. It may be the teacher who asks us to complete 5-page homework or the class supervisor who reproaches us for being late. Reflecting back, I suddenly realize that we were supervised and driven to do something because we were cared and expected to develop the best own self by taking challenges and making right choices.”She thanked Shude Guanghua AP Centre for tolerance and opportunities, extending appreciation to parents, teachers and classmatesfor their faith, trust and dedication wholeheartedly. At the final part of her speech, she held a strong belief that the graduates will meet challenges bravely, making brighter future.


Next are pieces of farewell advice to Karoline from all the teachers, showing their love, encouragement and expectation for her bright future.


  Karoline has a great learning ability. Karoline is a studious, diligent, inquisitive student. She is a determined individual and possesses a great work ethic. Karoline continuously inquires about key course concepts, posing thoughtful questions which provoke interesting discussion. Her valuable contributions are very much appreciated.

--Miss C. Fan,teacher of AP Calculus BC


  Karoline is a model student. Her intelligence is multifaceted, and she is inherently philosophical. She is an absolute inspiration in class.

--Mr. Wilkes, teacher of EAP/Literature


  Karoline is certainly the best performing student in her class. Her intelligence and diligence make her very successful at this moment. She will continue her success in university.

--Mr. Pan, teacher of AP Statistics


  Karoline is a highly mature and very well considered young lady. Her approach to study is systematic and revolves around an in-depth conceptual understanding of all relevant skills and processes. Karoline is a delightful and gregarious individual with a propensity for deep thought. Her grades reflect her genuine ability in all subjects. Karoline shall be very successful in the future and much of this relates to her cultivation of great personal qualities which include humility and a deep-seated respect for the feelings and wishes of others.

--Mr. Bennett, teacher of AP World History/Principal of AP Centre


  在随后向同学和家长转发课程中心公众微信号文章时,班主任老师配发如下文字以示祝贺:考进纽约大学的第三个学生,本班今年目前最佳Offer。树德光华见证她晚自习后的孤灯奋斗,篮球赛场的拼抢狂奔,联欢会上的靓丽身影,麦克风前的霉霉歌声。AP微积分BC 获满分5分,托福110分,SAT赛达1460分,耐心答疑,乐于班务,热心公益,优雅待人,领英气质。祝愿来自茶马古道女娲之乡的她继续颜宁风采,成为高颜值高学历高情商的拉风女孩,为一带一路高层次人才培养机制做出最佳诠释。

  While delivering the AP Centre Wechat article about her to the students and their parents, her class supervisor presented the following passage with congratulations: Teacher’s third student admitted to New York University, and as well the best offer in the class till now this year. The AP Centre has witnessed her stay up alone in the teaching building after class, brave fight at high speed on the playground in basketball matches, wonderful performance in party shows, and her sweet voice well imitating Taylor Swift on the microphone. Her full score in AP Calculus BC, 110 in TOEFL test and 1460 in SAT have rewarded her for complete effort. Karoline has impressed all teachers and peers with leadership roles in groups, outstandingcooperation, dedication for class, extraordinary capability and unparalleled attitude towards study.Her academic achievements across all subjects are second to none. It is hoped that success will inevitably come her way, best demonstrating the high-qualified education for belt and road initiative.


  美国纽约大学(New York University,简称NYU)成立于1831年,一所四年制的私立研究型大学,全美规模最大的私立学府,也是美国唯一一座坐落于纽约心脏地带的名校。纽约大学没有围墙的校园与整个纽约市融为一体,可谓以整个纽约市为自己的校园,十八个学院分布在整个纽约市。纽约大学在校学生50917人,国际学生有3823人,占学生总数的9.7%;纽约大学在很多专业都有都有不菲的成就,其中包括了哲学、数学、经济学和金融学,医学、法学以及教育学。



  2017年US News&World Report全球学校排名,纽约大学排名第27;





  2017US News&World Report全美研究生院排名:位列第46名。


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